Our target market is the Manufacturing, Mining and Cement and
Utilities sectors where Industrial Automation and
Information Systems implementations are required.

Advansys specialises in the following core areas:

Control system design, specification
and project management

Advansys specialises in turnkey Control and Automation project execution, from specification, design, implementation and commissioning, to project management and subcontract management. Our control system design and specification will provide you a solution that is flexible, maintainable, scalable and reliable into future expansions and production diversity! Let your control system be an enabler of your ever changing business requirements!

Instrumentation specification
and installation

Instrumentation forms the source of your control and performance data! Make sure this foundation of your Control and Automation solution is solid. With years of instrumentation experience in our team, Advansys can assist you with your instrumentation specification, sourcing, installation and commissioning.

PLC and SCADA automation

Automating a new process? Upgrading an existing Control System? Converting PLC hardware? Programmable Logic Controllers – what size do you need, how many do you need for your solution, what programming standard should you use, what I/O solution best suits your application? Advansys can help design, standardise, document, program, install and commission your PLC solution.

MES and “vertical” integration solutions

Are you tracking the value of product through your manufacturing process? Is it sufficient to only track raw material and final product inventory? Advansys specialises in systems that track work-in-progress as well as product quality through the production process. [S95, OWW ERP integration]

Process analysis and
performance optimization

Does your data make sense to you? Is your data helping you make the right decisions? If not, we can assist with the conversion of that data into useful information. We can put the technology in place to give you the correct data automatically, thus allowing you to easily monitor and analyse your process performance and highlight areas where optimisation efforts are best focussed.

Batch Solutions

Batch Engine solutions form our biggest competitive advantage. A well designed Batch solution can be an extremely valuable production tool, providing flexibility, scaleability, production reproduceability, recipe parameter management by production teams, and Batch reporting. [S88, S95]


To consistently offer our customers accurately priced, professionally documented,
first-time- right solutions to their Automation, MES and MIS requirements.
To maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity in the way we
conduct our business and interact with our suppliers and our customers.
To develop our employees and instill a sense of pride in their work and our business.

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